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Monthly Archives: December 2016

About Aspiring Journalists

Journalism students should try to gain all they can while taking classes that count toward their bachelor in journalism degree. These courses are chosen by experts in the field, and the knowledge gained forms the foundation of the skill set necessary to succeed. While many students lose focus on the lessons taught in lieu of preparing to do well on tests, these lessons will affect one’s career wherever the future takes them.

Future journalists can also consider seeking a bachelor of communication degree. Beyond the on-the-ground aspects of journalism, the field requires skillful advertising and building connections. As the field moves toward providing information and services online, having the ability to effectively communicate with the target audience plays a large role in ensuring a particular entity’s success. Journalists also must foster relationships with sources of information; being able to build the network of connections necessary to craft a story leads to successful reporting that helps further a journalist’s career.

Those who major in journalism should take some time to learn about how the journalism field is changing. Many veteran journalists are lamenting the digitalization of their field; the days when printed newspapers and news magazines dominated the world’s discourse are fading as online news aggregators, primary sources and blogs are taking over. Students can benefit by becoming knowledgeable in the technology that is beginning to dominate. Their future careers are likely to be done in a vastly different manner than today’s most popular journalists.

All journalists should continually develop their general knowledge and critical thinking abilities. Courses that foster a sceptical, analytical mindset can be tremendously useful. Some of the world’s best journalists seek to be the second-smartest person in the room on a large number of subjects, and it is never too soon to start the general knowledge education process. While some fields demand dedicated study, simply watching news programs and reading blogs from experts can help one learn information about a wide range of fields. A journalist who can demonstrate a large base of knowledge will have a larger set of potential jobs open to him or her.

Preparing For Level Retakes

Clear your space & clear your mind

Have you got enough space around you for your notes and textbooks? Is there sufficient light? Is your chair adequate for your needs? Try and remove any distractions so that when you are studying you are firstly making the most of this space, and secondly ensure that you are able to focus as much as possible on working. For some people music in the background helps to study. Take the time to think about what you can do to make yourself feel comfortable.

Use plenty of diagrams and flow charts

It is a proven fact that written plans enhance the learning process by helping you digest information in a more manageable way. If you have a challenging topic, try and write down everything you know it and then research any areas that you are uncertain of. This helps you to understand which areas you should focus your study on. Getting these ideas down on a piece of paper can also help you to recall specific areas of information that may prove important for your exams.

Practice, practice, practice

The most effective way to prepare for an A level retakes exam is to complete past papers, as they will give you a good idea of the exam format. If you time yourself while taking the test, you will also identify areas you need to improve on.

Call on help from your friends and family

Your parents and other siblings do not need to be a nuisance when you are preparing for your exam, they can actually help you. Get them to test you, or alternatively, try explaining part of your exam to them to enhance your own understanding. This approach can also highlight where you need to practice more.

Get Away From Results Stress

One of the first tips to get away from exam-related stress is to develop a positive mindset. It is important to visualize the exam exactly as it is- it is simply a test of one’s knowledge on a particular subject. In no way is it a judgement on the person who wrote the exam. It is just one of the tools to conclude the preparation for the whole year. Neither does a great result guarantee meteoric success for the individual, nor does a dreadful result spell the end of one’s vocational ambitions whatsoever! It is also important to remember that it was not one’s last exam. There will be other exams on other days, and each more important than the last one! Brooding over the last exam and its impending result is simply a case of crying over the proverbial spilt milk! What’s more, there is an unbound energy in positive thinking! Who knows what positivity in results may these powerful thoughts conjure?

A valuable tip to drive the stress-demons away is to keep oneself occupied. During the course of the long months preparing for a big exam, most students usually give up on their hobbies and social commitments. Well, now that the exams are out of the way, there is plenty of time to indulge in the fun activities that one had been yearning for a long time! A short trip or a getaway can do wonders for the stressed mind! A change in scene and shift from the everyday talk will certainly help put a student at ease. Not only will keeping busy and occupied keep the mind a safe distance away from any exam-related stress, but indulging oneself in activities that challenge and engage our senses will boost the general confidence and feel-good factor!

If one is still stressed about the results, it will be a wise idea to start looking ahead of the exam results. An open conversation with one’s friends, family or even a counsellor may open up a student’s mind to the plethora of options that are available despite an unpleasant exam result. A frank discussion with one’s seniors alone will inform the student about how they dealt with their own fears and trepidations! Only when one is aware of the multitude of options that one may pursue irrespective of the exam result, can a student be reassured about his or her future! History is of full of achievers who did not excel in their schooling!

Obtaining Dissertation Help

There are certain reputable companies that employ qualified professional writers to cater for the needs of students engaged in pursuing higher education in different fields such as Arts, Science, Engineering, Electronics, Medicine, Cosmology, Business Management & Administration, etcetera. Such dissertation writing companies are of particular importance when you are pressed hard for time. Once they have produced a dissertation, you can always make necessary amendments under the guidance of your Supervisor.

Dissertation help on-line can enable you to enhance the outlook and credibility of your dissertation. It can also improve the over-all presentation of your dissertation by showing you: (a) how to format it ; (b) how to insert in-text citations, footnotes, etc., (c) how to make proper references to research material collected from different books, journals, periodicals and magazines and (d) how to acknowledge the help and assistance received from different individuals. Dissertation help on-line which advices you on matters such as above, is certainly commendable.

On-line tutorials are ideal for teaching you how to take up the task and to complete the dissertation with ease and confidence. They also guide you on meaningful presentation of your dissertation, chapter by chapter, particularly when your dissertation is spread over a large number of pages. Dissertation help on-line can assist you to progress in an organized manner.

It is pertinent to mention that apart from websites and dissertation writing companies on-line, you can also seek help from a friend or a senior who is adept at writing dissertations. You will yourself learn to be an expert dissertation writer once you know how to : (i) make a rough sketch of your assigned task ; (ii) collect relevant research material for your paper ; and then (iii) to place them (research material) at appropriate places in the paper. Having taken control of the apparently humongous task, you can further improve your dissertation by picking up suitable tips on-line. So, you see, nothing is difficult. All you need is a little perseverance and persistence.