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About Aspiring Journalists

Journalism students should try to gain all they can while taking classes that count toward their bachelor in journalism degree. These courses are chosen by experts in the field, and the knowledge gained forms the foundation of the skill set necessary to succeed. While many students lose focus on the lessons taught in lieu of preparing to do well on tests, these lessons will affect one’s career wherever the future takes them.

Future journalists can also consider seeking a bachelor of communication degree. Beyond the on-the-ground aspects of journalism, the field requires skillful advertising and building connections. As the field moves toward providing information and services online, having the ability to effectively communicate with the target audience plays a large role in ensuring a particular entity’s success. Journalists also must foster relationships with sources of information; being able to build the network of connections necessary to craft a story leads to successful reporting that helps further a journalist’s career.

Those who major in journalism should take some time to learn about how the journalism field is changing. Many veteran journalists are lamenting the digitalization of their field; the days when printed newspapers and news magazines dominated the world’s discourse are fading as online news aggregators, primary sources and blogs are taking over. Students can benefit by becoming knowledgeable in the technology that is beginning to dominate. Their future careers are likely to be done in a vastly different manner than today’s most popular journalists.

All journalists should continually develop their general knowledge and critical thinking abilities. Courses that foster a sceptical, analytical mindset can be tremendously useful. Some of the world’s best journalists seek to be the second-smartest person in the room on a large number of subjects, and it is never too soon to start the general knowledge education process. While some fields demand dedicated study, simply watching news programs and reading blogs from experts can help one learn information about a wide range of fields. A journalist who can demonstrate a large base of knowledge will have a larger set of potential jobs open to him or her.