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Get Away From Results Stress

One of the first tips to get away from exam-related stress is to develop a positive mindset. It is important to visualize the exam exactly as it is- it is simply a test of one’s knowledge on a particular subject. In no way is it a judgement on the person who wrote the exam. It is just one of the tools to conclude the preparation for the whole year. Neither does a great result guarantee meteoric success for the individual, nor does a dreadful result spell the end of one’s vocational ambitions whatsoever! It is also important to remember that it was not one’s last exam. There will be other exams on other days, and each more important than the last one! Brooding over the last exam and its impending result is simply a case of crying over the proverbial spilt milk! What’s more, there is an unbound energy in positive thinking! Who knows what positivity in results may these powerful thoughts conjure?

A valuable tip to drive the stress-demons away is to keep oneself occupied. During the course of the long months preparing for a big exam, most students usually give up on their hobbies and social commitments. Well, now that the exams are out of the way, there is plenty of time to indulge in the fun activities that one had been yearning for a long time! A short trip or a getaway can do wonders for the stressed mind! A change in scene and shift from the everyday talk will certainly help put a student at ease. Not only will keeping busy and occupied keep the mind a safe distance away from any exam-related stress, but indulging oneself in activities that challenge and engage our senses will boost the general confidence and feel-good factor!

If one is still stressed about the results, it will be a wise idea to start looking ahead of the exam results. An open conversation with one’s friends, family or even a counsellor may open up a student’s mind to the plethora of options that are available despite an unpleasant exam result. A frank discussion with one’s seniors alone will inform the student about how they dealt with their own fears and trepidations! Only when one is aware of the multitude of options that one may pursue irrespective of the exam result, can a student be reassured about his or her future! History is of full of achievers who did not excel in their schooling!

Obtaining Dissertation Help

There are certain reputable companies that employ qualified professional writers to cater for the needs of students engaged in pursuing higher education in different fields such as Arts, Science, Engineering, Electronics, Medicine, Cosmology, Business Management & Administration, etcetera. Such dissertation writing companies are of particular importance when you are pressed hard for time. Once they have produced a dissertation, you can always make necessary amendments under the guidance of your Supervisor.

Dissertation help on-line can enable you to enhance the outlook and credibility of your dissertation. It can also improve the over-all presentation of your dissertation by showing you: (a) how to format it ; (b) how to insert in-text citations, footnotes, etc., (c) how to make proper references to research material collected from different books, journals, periodicals and magazines and (d) how to acknowledge the help and assistance received from different individuals. Dissertation help on-line which advices you on matters such as above, is certainly commendable.

On-line tutorials are ideal for teaching you how to take up the task and to complete the dissertation with ease and confidence. They also guide you on meaningful presentation of your dissertation, chapter by chapter, particularly when your dissertation is spread over a large number of pages. Dissertation help on-line can assist you to progress in an organized manner.

It is pertinent to mention that apart from websites and dissertation writing companies on-line, you can also seek help from a friend or a senior who is adept at writing dissertations. You will yourself learn to be an expert dissertation writer once you know how to : (i) make a rough sketch of your assigned task ; (ii) collect relevant research material for your paper ; and then (iii) to place them (research material) at appropriate places in the paper. Having taken control of the apparently humongous task, you can further improve your dissertation by picking up suitable tips on-line. So, you see, nothing is difficult. All you need is a little perseverance and persistence.

Some Ways Avoid College Debt

Look for tuition financial aid

According to College Board, most students receive some sort of financial aid, and this is what helps make college education remain within the reach of many families. Our federal government spends billions of dollars every year in scholarships and grants for deserving and qualified college students. Though the amount of grants/scholarships varies, it can actually pay amounts up to the full tuition and fees of a college education for qualified students, depending on the award.

In addition to federal financial aid for those who qualify, state governments, professional bodies, military and individual colleges also run financial aid programs that students can take advantage of, if they qualify.

Graduate early

Another means of avoiding college debt is to hasten your graduation. Just think about it: the less time you spend in college, the lower your cost will be. And how exactly does one graduate early, you may ask? A couple of ways to graduate early from college are:

  • Taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school to earn college credits.
  • Enrolling in accelerated degree programs that can be finished in less-than-normal completion time.

Choose your college wisely

It might be tempting to choose a college that’s thousands of miles away from home-after all, it maybe your first brush with independence. But there are certain benefits of staying close to where you grew up. First, out-of-state students have to pay a surcharge for attending public four-year colleges and second, many students find it possible to cut down on college expenses like room and board by staying put at home. It’s an option you should consider if money is really tight, because what’s important is that you get the education you deserve, even if it means missing out on the whole “college experience.”

Consider going online

Online courses provide yet another means of avoiding college debt. Not only do they turn out to be more economical as compared to classroom-based programs, but online degrees also often allow students to keep a full-time job and pay their way through college.

You can choose a fully online school or take online classes from a brick-and-mortar college. As long as your degree is earned from an accredited institution, most employers accept degrees from online institutions. Moreover, some employers provide tuition assistance to their employees, and you can use this benefit to finance your attendance at a legitimate online degree program.

Spend responsibly

Student credit cards are a reality of modern-day college life, and even necessary to some extent. But having this kind of spending power also means that you must learn to use it responsibly. Every year, college students pile up a huge credit card debt. When added to the already mounting debt from their student loan, it can put them into a bad financial situation once they graduate.

Plan a Campus Tour

Campus tour

Mostly the campus tour of university starts from a particular point. The 45-60 minute student-guided tour encompasses the main areas of campus and includes a narration of the academics, student life and history of the university. The campus tour also provides an excellent opportunity for you to pick the brain of a current university student.

The benefit of student interaction, especially, for international students is that they come to know about the university campus jobs that they will need to do while studying for personal expenses. Moreover, an initial interaction helps break the ice that will go a long way in getting help during their stay.

Residential tours

The campus tour of university is generally designed in a manner that addresses the individual interests of the participants. Tours typically include information of the residence hall facilities, but can be adjusted to the interest of the group. The typical completion time for a tour varies from one university to the other.

The tour guides are mostly the students who currently live on-campus. They will provide you with information regarding the building facilities and amenities, offer the opportunity to view actual rooms in each residence hall, and articulate the traditional and current events occurring in each residence hall.

This provides a golden opportunity for the students to know more about the actual life in the university. They need to ask the tour guide some important questions related to the scholarship programs, or financial aid offered by the university and how to get it.

Meeting a faculty member

If you are interested in knowing more about a specific academic department (or two) you can meet the faculty of the relevant department. These meetings take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and will provide information about the program and future career options for students within that department.

If you are uncertain about a field of study, you may want to visit with a University Studies advisor who can give you a broad overview of the academic opportunities at the university.

Classroom visits

During classroom visit you can get a glimpse of actually what happens during a classroom session. You will know about the proficiency of the faculty on the subject they teach and kind of topics that would be covered during the actual academic session.

Students are advised to request for such sample classes during their campus tour of university and get well acquainted with the ambience of the university.

World Class Welcome

Personalised service

The reservations team try to tactfully collect information about the guest when they confirm the booking. The rest of the hotel can then look forward to any needs during their stay. Personalisation is a key and it makes a real difference.

Homely touches

The person should have a comfort zone while staying in the hotel. It’s a simple, affordable initiative, but one that makes all the difference in making the hotel a home away-from-home. There is a strong sense of family among the hotel team and we want to make sure guests feel part of that. Regular guests also generate new business because they suggest the hotel to friends and family. Guests can interact with our “crew” as much or as little as they like. Also make sure about the exterior and interior of your property and the self-check in facility is easy to use.

Expert tips to ensure a perfect welcome

Hotel Management College in NCR 2017 follow the rule “First impression is the last impression.” Ensure your hotel is clean and well-presented outside and inside. Keep your car park litter-free, and have clearly marked-out parking bays and good signage. Be sure the hotel door is opened for the guest by a well-mannered member of staff who smiles and warmly greets them.

If a guest is staying, escort them to the reception desk and introduce them to the receptionist who will take them through the check-in process. If your guest is staying for a special occasion, leave a small gift, such as chocolates, a fruit bowl or a bottle of Champagne with a handwritten welcome card from the hotel manager. Once in the room, staff should show the guest where the main facilities are.

College Scholarship Interviews

One mistake that most students commit during their college scholarship application is failing to prepare for the interview. Yes, they have filled out the college application form in detail yet, they do not realize that it’s the interview that really counts. So, how do you prepare for the interview? Here are some tips:

Practice your interview skills by simulating the interview. Ask your friend or roommate to act as the interviewer and ask you a couple of questions. Interview questions can vary from your academic achievements to your extra-curricular activities. You can search online for possible questions that might be asked during your college scholarship interview.

Never be late for a college scholarship interview. One way to assert yourself and show that you are serious about getting the scholarship is by being on time. Arriving on time creates a good impression and, whenever possible, arrive a couple of minutes early.

Watch yourself during the interview. Be very conscious and avoid being fidgety as this may make you look nervous. It would be best to sit still and maintain eye contact all throughout the interview yet not appear to be too frigid. What’s important is that you project a calm posture and appear professional.

You need to dress appropriately for the interview. You are not expected to wear very formal clothes but smart casual can always do the trick. For men, a suit and tie would always be appropriate clothes for a professional look while a dress or skirt with a fitting shirt or blouse would be perfect for a young lady. Avoid wearing clothes that easily wrinkle and, of course, make sure that they are clean and free of any stain.

Other than being aware of what you wear and how you project yourself, it would also be good if you are conscious of what you say. If you are faced with a question that you can’t answer, you can simply say that you don’t know rather than faking an answer which may be obvious to the interviewer. Remember, college scholarship is not just about what you know, but also about having the courage and honesty to accept things that may be beyond your comprehension.

Get Financial Aid For Online Degree

1. First of all make sure to fill out and turn in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The financial aid office at your school of choice will notify you of the types and amount of aid for which you qualify.

And because you’re learning over the Internet instead of on campus doesn’t mean that you’re not eligible for federal aid. The tremendous growth and popularity of accredited online degrees or distance learning has prompted the Department of Education to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965.

In the past, this act required that students be present in a classroom more than half the time (formally called the “50 percent rule”). But now online institutions and programs are subject to the same federal financial aid rules as on-campus schools including colleges and universities.

This means that if online bachelor degree or any online degree students meet the normal aid and eligibility requirements, such as credit hours needed, etc., then they have the same odds of receiving aid as anyone else attending an on-campus college.

2. Next there are plenty of scholarships available. There are literally billions of scholarship dollars for students of all types. It takes a little research to find out which ones apply to you and your situation – each situation is unique. But there are many resources that can help you.

Besides seeking out independent organizations or employers who offer scholarship moneys, online schools often make efforts to assist their students in paying for school.

3. Consolidation of bills may be a possibility. Are car payments eating up your would-be tuition dollars? Or is credit card interest taking money that could be used for books and other needed learning materials? Doing a little research here can go a long way to reducing your existing bills or consolidating your debt.

4. Getting tuition reimbursement – many companies offer their employees tuition-reimbursement options that can not only help save cash, but combined with other efforts can in some cases fund an entire degree. Many work toward M.B.A.’s at institutions like the Wilson State University. Your employer may share in a large part of that cost. Combine this with scholarships and other funding and you can get your online degree practically free.

5. Sometimes online schools are willing to acknowledge your past experience to help you get your online degree quicker — for example, if you’ve been a manager for the past few years, you could parlay that into some management credits, known as the “credit for life experience.”

Some Tricks for Applying to UCAS

Relevant work experience is essential:

This is one of the best tips we can give you; the right work experience will make your application stand out.

Work experience in the area you want to study at university will assure you it’s what you really want to do. But it will show the admissions staff that you are committed to your chosen subject and career. Send out some formal letters requesting placements. If you can’t readily get a placement, show your university choices that you’ve tried to gain some form of experience relevant to your subject.

Relate outside interests to the course:

For example, playing a musical instrument shows sustained commitment and/or the ability to manage your time effectively between juggling school study and music study.Get the basics right:

Check your spelling and grammar before submitting the application. Admissions selectors are assessing your ability to write an essay to university standard. Think about your paragraph and sentence structure.

It is important to use language you are comfortable with so as not to lose the focus of your writing. Try not to go too far and use words you wouldn’t normally choose, to try and sound more ‘academic’.

Don’t leave it until the last minute – remember the January and March deadlines:

The deadline for most courses is mid-January and March. Take time to make your personal statement your best work. Applicants’ personal statements help institutions identify suitable candidates, especially in the most competitive courses. Rushing will mean mistakes and not provide you with enough time to get it checked over by your parents or teachers.

Get a second opinion:

If you want your personal statement to sell your abilities to a university, it is good to get feedback from your parents or family members on how they see you and the right words to describe yourself. Use the careers team at your college too, they can give you informed and impartial feedback.

Honesty is the best policy:

Every personal statement is checked against a library of those previously submitted to UCAS, sample statements, and other sources. Any statement that is flagged up will be reviewed by members of the UCAS Similarity Detection Service Team. Be honest and allow your qualities to shine through.

Get Admission in Harvard Business

  1. Apart from currently being No. 2 in Global MBA Ranking (as per Financial Times), Harvard Business School (HBS) has the distinction of being one of the very few leading B-schools that follow a 100% case methodology (along with Darden, IESE and Richard Ivey)
  2. While some of the other top B-schools are known for their specializations such as NYU Stern for Finance, Kellogg for Marketing, HBS MBA curriculum has an overall focus on General Management and not just one specialization area.
  3. Since HBS MBA curriculum is 100% case study based, it is definitely more challenging and rigorous than any other B-School in the world. Hence, HBS prefers candidates who have demonstrated achievements in the form of superior academic record, stellar & impressive extracurricular involvement along with work/studies, strong career record/progression.
  4. The 100% case study method in HBS makes it imperative for applicants to possess substantial work experience in various facets of business so that they can contribute effectively to the case studies as part of MBA curriculum. The work experience should reflect the applicant’s ability to take risk, challenge the unknown and think & execute out of the box ideas.
  5. Harvard Business School is famous for its obsession with leadership and thus is eager to select candidates who have shown phenomenal leadership skills whether at work place or outside of that. It is not about how many team members they handle/handled and how much quantity of work they do as leaders. HBS looks for a WOW factor in the leadership experience of an applicant.

Proper Behavior at Lectures

* You should arrive on time; this is the first golden rule of lectures. Usually lecturers gather huge audience, it can comprise up to 200 students, and it is difficult to maintain academic silence and discipline. If at least 10 percent of students are late for a lecture, their gradual arrival will spoil it.

* You should stay in your place during a lecture, which does not mean that you should be immovable during an hour. It only means that you should not walk in the lecture hall without permission.

* Leave lecture hall only when dismissed. Even if a lecturer is as dull as dishwater, show your respect or do not show your disrespect at least.

* It is highly advisable to make notes at lectures. On the whole, their main function is to impart knowledge to you, try to get it. Improper behavior of a student at a lecture

* Sleeping is not allowed at a lecture. It may well be that you have visited an all-night party but it will not be a sound reason for sleeping in a professor’s point of view.

* Eating and, what is more, drinking alcohol are not allowed. Can you wait a bit? There probably will be another all-night party tonight, postpone, so try to abstain till the party.

* Reading newspapers is not allowed at lecture.