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Get Admission in Harvard Business

  1. Apart from currently being No. 2 in Global MBA Ranking (as per Financial Times), Harvard Business School (HBS) has the distinction of being one of the very few leading B-schools that follow a 100% case methodology (along with Darden, IESE and Richard Ivey)
  2. While some of the other top B-schools are known for their specializations such as NYU Stern for Finance, Kellogg for Marketing, HBS MBA curriculum has an overall focus on General Management and not just one specialization area.
  3. Since HBS MBA curriculum is 100% case study based, it is definitely more challenging and rigorous than any other B-School in the world. Hence, HBS prefers candidates who have demonstrated achievements in the form of superior academic record, stellar & impressive extracurricular involvement along with work/studies, strong career record/progression.
  4. The 100% case study method in HBS makes it imperative for applicants to possess substantial work experience in various facets of business so that they can contribute effectively to the case studies as part of MBA curriculum. The work experience should reflect the applicant’s ability to take risk, challenge the unknown and think & execute out of the box ideas.
  5. Harvard Business School is famous for its obsession with leadership and thus is eager to select candidates who have shown phenomenal leadership skills whether at work place or outside of that. It is not about how many team members they handle/handled and how much quantity of work they do as leaders. HBS looks for a WOW factor in the leadership experience of an applicant.