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Plan a Campus Tour

Campus tour

Mostly the campus tour of university starts from a particular point. The 45-60 minute student-guided tour encompasses the main areas of campus and includes a narration of the academics, student life and history of the university. The campus tour also provides an excellent opportunity for you to pick the brain of a current university student.

The benefit of student interaction, especially, for international students is that they come to know about the university campus jobs that they will need to do while studying for personal expenses. Moreover, an initial interaction helps break the ice that will go a long way in getting help during their stay.

Residential tours

The campus tour of university is generally designed in a manner that addresses the individual interests of the participants. Tours typically include information of the residence hall facilities, but can be adjusted to the interest of the group. The typical completion time for a tour varies from one university to the other.

The tour guides are mostly the students who currently live on-campus. They will provide you with information regarding the building facilities and amenities, offer the opportunity to view actual rooms in each residence hall, and articulate the traditional and current events occurring in each residence hall.

This provides a golden opportunity for the students to know more about the actual life in the university. They need to ask the tour guide some important questions related to the scholarship programs, or financial aid offered by the university and how to get it.

Meeting a faculty member

If you are interested in knowing more about a specific academic department (or two) you can meet the faculty of the relevant department. These meetings take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and will provide information about the program and future career options for students within that department.

If you are uncertain about a field of study, you may want to visit with a University Studies advisor who can give you a broad overview of the academic opportunities at the university.

Classroom visits

During classroom visit you can get a glimpse of actually what happens during a classroom session. You will know about the proficiency of the faculty on the subject they teach and kind of topics that would be covered during the actual academic session.

Students are advised to request for such sample classes during their campus tour of university and get well acquainted with the ambience of the university.