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Proper Behavior at Lectures

* You should arrive on time; this is the first golden rule of lectures. Usually lecturers gather huge audience, it can comprise up to 200 students, and it is difficult to maintain academic silence and discipline. If at least 10 percent of students are late for a lecture, their gradual arrival will spoil it.

* You should stay in your place during a lecture, which does not mean that you should be immovable during an hour. It only means that you should not walk in the lecture hall without permission.

* Leave lecture hall only when dismissed. Even if a lecturer is as dull as dishwater, show your respect or do not show your disrespect at least.

* It is highly advisable to make notes at lectures. On the whole, their main function is to impart knowledge to you, try to get it. Improper behavior of a student at a lecture

* Sleeping is not allowed at a lecture. It may well be that you have visited an all-night party but it will not be a sound reason for sleeping in a professor’s point of view.

* Eating and, what is more, drinking alcohol are not allowed. Can you wait a bit? There probably will be another all-night party tonight, postpone, so try to abstain till the party.

* Reading newspapers is not allowed at lecture.