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School Representatives Attending An Online College

Build A Brand

Many questions that potential applicants ask about a university can be answered dryly with simple facts. Questions about class sizes, graduate placement and sports teams are all common. It is best to answer with not just facts, but also with information that starts to build a brand or narrative around the school. Small details that all tie back to the overall character of the institution, the history of the programs that are available and the current achievements of the university will all give a visitor to the online college fair a much clearer and more complete view of the school. Creating a unified brand or narrative about the university will also make the experience more meaningful than just plain numbers and facts.

Use Social Media

The primary duty of a representative is to answer the questions of students who have taken the time to explore the college in a more detailed way. There is not always time to address every single point during a single online college fair. This is why an effective college recruitment strategy is to establish social media channels that students will be able to use after the fair has ended. This could be a professional presence tied directly to the representative or it could mean constantly checking the main university social outlets for questions from potential applicants. These social media relationships will help to increase recruitment because a personal connection is formed between the school and the student.

Have Resources Available

Some of the inquiries from parents and students will have long and complex explanations that are not always expressed well during an online college fair. There are also some times when an answer might provide an opportunity to highlight parts of the school that are not frequently talked about. A good way to deal with these types of inquiries is to have a number of resources readily available. These resources could be links to specific parts of the college website, links to independent sources of information about the city or state or even printed materials that can be mailed to interested parties. Having a pool of resources readily available will give visitors confidence and the most complete view of the school as possible.