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World Class Welcome

Personalised service

The reservations team try to tactfully collect information about the guest when they confirm the booking. The rest of the hotel can then look forward to any needs during their stay. Personalisation is a key and it makes a real difference.

Homely touches

The person should have a comfort zone while staying in the hotel. It’s a simple, affordable initiative, but one that makes all the difference in making the hotel a home away-from-home. There is a strong sense of family among the hotel team and we want to make sure guests feel part of that. Regular guests also generate new business because they suggest the hotel to friends and family. Guests can interact with our “crew” as much or as little as they like. Also make sure about the exterior and interior of your property and the self-check in facility is easy to use.

Expert tips to ensure a perfect welcome

Hotel Management College in NCR 2017 follow the rule “First impression is the last impression.” Ensure your hotel is clean and well-presented outside and inside. Keep your car park litter-free, and have clearly marked-out parking bays and good signage. Be sure the hotel door is opened for the guest by a well-mannered member of staff who smiles and warmly greets them.

If a guest is staying, escort them to the reception desk and introduce them to the receptionist who will take them through the check-in process. If your guest is staying for a special occasion, leave a small gift, such as chocolates, a fruit bowl or a bottle of Champagne with a handwritten welcome card from the hotel manager. Once in the room, staff should show the guest where the main facilities are.